Never miss a beat.

Introducing Lerch, the event app that provides easy and modern assistance to virtually everything you need to attend your next event (fingers crossed sooner than later 🙄). Saving you time and money!

The day will come...

While live events have been put on hold everywhere, the inevitable day of “normal” will be something like the opening credits of an Austin Powers sequel. Marching bands, dancers, and pedestrians will be singing and dancing in the streets on their way to the nearest musical, concert, festival, or sports event they used to enjoy so freely. Simply put, Lerch will make those experiences better than ever.

Special Features.

Lerch helps you find parking, get to your seats, locate the nearest restroom, and get order-ahead concessions and merchandise. It’ll even help you find hot new events and purchase the tickets!

Order Ahead Concessions

With order-ahead pick-up, you finally have time to go to the restroom, get a drink, and get back to the show quickly!

Low Ticket Fees

Lower ticket fees than online ticket brokers means extra cash in your wallet to spend on more important things.

Go with Confidence

Locate your seats, the restrooms, concessions, and exits quickly with in-venue GPS.

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