Never miss a beat.

Introducing Lerch, the event app that provides easy and modern assistance to virtually everything you need to attend your next event. Saving you time and money!

Tired of long lines? Lerch has combined the app convenience of Starbuck’s order-ahead and the GPS of Waze at the venue to be your very own mobile event concierge. All in one simple app so you never miss a beat!


Lerch modernizes operations and delivers customer convenience through on-demand and real-time services while eliminating cash transactions.

VIP Treatment should be for everyone.

From start to finish, Lerch helps make you feel like a VIP! Find parking, a map to your seats and the nearest restroom, and order-ahead concessions and merchandise. It’ll even help you find nearby restaurants, bars, and hotels with special offers.

Interested in Lerch for your next event?


“The Seattle coffee giant said Tuesday that mobile orders reached a record 22% of transactions in its third fiscal quarter.”

— GeekWire July, 2020

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