About Us

Our aim is to redefine how consumers experience events and gatherings, while offering businesses and organizations time-saving and money-generating opportunities — keeping consumers happy and engaged.

Myron Rivers

Founder & CEO

Myron is a respected leader in credit card processing and has years of experience helping organizations accelerate their payment solutions. He’s spent the last decade helping to shape the future of electronic payments and has extensive experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes – from Fortune 500 companies to local start-ups. Myron has the skills needed to advise you on everything from technical/product development to customer engagement and effective market research.

Kai Jennings

Founder & COO

An experienced leader in the public and private partnership arena, Kai has spent the last decade providing professional services to organizations, including operational support, performance improvement tools, strategic technology assessment and implementation, and consulting solutions. A recognized leader skilled at evaluating an organization’s operations and providing recommendations for streamlining and achieving administrative efficiencies. Kai provides guidance to executive leaders on ways to enhance their technology products in order to adopt the latest innovations to manage performance as well as to provide more modern ways for business processes.